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Whether you’re at home or on the go, you want to know that your possessions are safe. However, sometimes the traditional methods don’t work quite as well as we expect. Maybe you’ve stored your items in an all-use locker at the gym. Those locks are easy to crack. Maybe you’ve stored all of your high-valuable possessions in a safe at home. Those are far too easy for intruders to notice. Perhaps you’ve hidden some personal car documents in your glove compartment. But, cars are extremely vulnerable and easy for criminals to access. 

So how do you go about protecting the items that mean most to you? Concealment devices are a simple way to protect your possessions. These diversion safes allow you to hide your prized possession in plain sight. But how do these safes work, and where did they come from? 

Concealment Devices in History

During World War II, Christopher Hutton and the British Directorate of Military Intelligence Section 9 (MI9) developed concealment devices. Why? To smuggle items to British prisoners of war (POWs). They needed to pass information and goods to POWs that would be undetected by German guards. 

Hutton developed countless ideas for devices that would help POWs, from compasses hidden in pens to silk-printed maps stored inside canned goods to magnetized razor blades. They also used left-threaded screws, so if a German attempted to open the device, he would only end up tightening it. 

Diversion Safes in the Modern Age 

Nowadays, concealment devices aren’t used by the public to help POWs, but they are used to protect their valuables. Even though the purpose changed, the ingenuity continued.

The diversion safes offered to consumers are incredible. These safes are easy to miss by the untrained eye, seeming like any other item within someone’s home, bag or vehicle. Here are a few notable examples:

Do you have a library at home full of various, dense books? The fake book diversion safe is a real hardbound book with printed pages that will go unseen by any home intruder. Fitting right into your bookshelf, this is unlikely to cause any suspicion. The felt-lined secret compartment is located between real printed pages and covered with actual text for authenticity. Fake book safes easily hide their real contents.

electrical socket in wall

Sometimes we can hide things in places a person would never think to look. The fake plug outlet is one of those very places. During a home invasion, a burglar is going to search for high-ticket items, safes and other easily accessible possessions. The likelihood of intruders checking your electrical sockets is nearly zero, as there are greater prizes to be won. Made of high-impact plastic and metal, this wall safe provides homeowners with a simple hiding spot for their office, bedroom, or nearly anywhere in their home. Measuring in at 7″ x 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″, this safe provides enough space to hide small, precious items.

As shown above, diversion safes work best disguised as the items we expect least. A fake Barbasol can is just that. The inexpensive shaving cream is a known staple within home bathrooms. No intruder is going to grab it from your bathroom cabinet or closet if they see it. And even if they do, the added weight will be sure to fool the most experienced thief.

barbasol shaving cream in hand

Rather than relying on a large mechanical safe, the smaller digital wall safe option lets you store items with extreme digital protection. Accessible by your phone and a numerical keypad, this diversion safe is meant for your home. Moreover, the digital control of the safe will contact you whenever someone tries to access your safe. This feature informs you of every failed attempt, which may alert you to a potential intruder or a guest who is sneaking around. 

Similar to the Barbasol can, the fake AJAX container diversion safe is another inconspicuous item sure to blend into your home. Weighted with a screwed-in bottom, this option keeps your possessions safe where no burglar would think to look. 

If you’re looking to protect your valuables by storing them in a place overlooked by the untrained eye, it’s worth investing in a few diversion safes. Discover the best options for your environment at The Home Security Superstore and protect what matters most in the office, bathroom or car.

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What Is a Diversion Safe?

Diversion safes are meant to seem like every other item in your home, bag or vehicle in order to hide your valuables.

Where Should You Put a Diversion Safe?

Diversion safes are meant to be placed in plain sight. Disguised as everyday items, they are easy to miss by the untrained eye.

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