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Whether you’re concerned about radon levels in your basement, crawl space, or regular living areas, the Radon Eye RD200 is the best long-term solution. 

It’s pricier than the rest on our list, but its readable LCD screen, frequent display updates, and app access make this detector worth it.

Before reviewing radon detectors, we learned the science behind this radioactive gas, how it affects humans, how it gets into homes, and how radon tests and detectors work. All the videos, articles, and digging gave us a better understanding of what makes a quality radon detector or radon test. 

After we got the science down, we compared different tests and detectors side by side based on factors like waiting time for the first reading, alert modes, and displays. 

See how we apply our own scientific method in reviews like this and more from the Safewise methodology page. 

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