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Getting around may be easy now (minus some popping joints here and there). But things change as you age. The stairs, your car, and your backyard can become more challenging terrain over the coming decades. 

Consider how you’ll get around in the future. Whether it’s from your bed to the bathroom or down the street to the grocery store, our ability to move changes as we age in place.

While getting from point A to point B may change, you don’t have to stop doing what you love. With a little help from mobility devices, you can still get around and enjoy your independence.

Folding cane chairs are handheld devices that fold out into stools or seats. You can find ones big enough to settle into at an outdoor concert or museum or simple ones that give you a quick rest while waiting in line. Most can support up to 250 pounds comfortably and act as a cane and a chair, but you can find others that can hold more. 

Mobility scooters can make trips down the street quicker. You can also find sturdier models tough enough for uneven terrain like grass or gravel. They’re expensive and not as permanent for mobility problems as wheelchairs but can be a good solution for those with knee, joint, or back problems. 

Wheelchair ramps and stair-assist chairs can make your home more accessible if you use a wheelchair, walker, or power scooter. You can find portable ramps you can keep in your vehicle or longer ones that can tackle the steps on your front porch. Generally, the longer the ramp, the higher the incline it can handle. 

There’s a level of risk for drivers of any age. But as you get older and your eyesight and reaction time decreases, getting behind the wheel can get riskier. 

Driving later in life depends on maintaining your eyesight and staying safe from distractions like your cell phone or GPS device. 

You can find distraction-free medical alert devices for your vehicle like the one from Bay Alarm Medical that plugs right into your car. 

Other GPS vehicle trackers can help you if your car gets stolen and even provide regular maintenance reports. 

As you age, familiarize yourself with rideshare programs in your area like Uber and Lyft. You can also check out Uber Health, a rideshare program specifically for doctor visits and health checks. 

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