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Vivint’s move service allows you to trade-in some of your equipment for brand-new versions when you relocate—but only if you meet certain qualifications. Alternatively, you can have the same equipment removed from your old home and re-installed in your new one.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll need to call Vivint’s move service number two weeks in advance: +1-855-695-5400

Vivint doesn’t allow customers currently financing their equipment to receive new equipment during a move. You also have to pass a credit check to enjoy this option. 

Whether you’re purchasing new equipment or not, you’ll be charged $129 for professional equipment take-down and another $129 for installation.1 You’re allowed to remove the equipment yourself to save some money, but professional installation is mandatory.

Don’t need or want Vivint’s security service at your new place? Cancelling isn’t your only option. Instead, you can leave the equipment in the home and transfer the policy to the new homeowners.

The new homeowners must agree to take on your policy, of course. Vivint also states that the new party must “meet the qualifications” of the agreement, which means Vivint has the right to deny the transfer. Transferring isn’t an option if the equipment is still under finance. 

A $99 transfer fee applies.2 However, the transfer fee is waived if the new party negotiates a brand-new contract. Until the policy is officially transferred, you remain responsible for all monthly service charges.

Vivint offers a free move service for members of the military wishing to remove and reinstall the same equipment. Upgrades or add-ons cost extra.

Members of the military issued a temporary reassignment can also pause payments for up to 12 months.

Vivint has earned 3.9 stars on Trustpilot, where 60% of over 20,000 reviewers rated their experience as “excellent.” Reviews consistently call out specific customer service representatives to thank them for going above and beyond.

Vivint also won The Monitoring Association’s (TMA) Monitoring Center of the Year Award in 2012, 2017, and 2021. Previous winners must wait three years before entering the TMA competition again, which means Vivint has won nearly every year it has been eligible. The contenders are all exceptional, so we’re especially impressed with Vivint’s win record.

However, 840 reviewers on the Better Business Bureau website give Vivint an average rating of just 1.14 stars, which points to some lingering customer service concerns that Vivint has struggled to resolve.

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