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Volkswagen introduced the performance-oriented GTX variant of its new ID.4 electric car Wednesday, showing off punched-up styling inside and out, a new dual-motor powertrain making 50% more power than the base car, and some other tricks the company has up its sleeve. 

A dual-motor setup means all-wheel drive, which has both straight-line performance and foul-weather benefits. Combined, the two drive units (150 kW in the rear, 75 kW up front) produce approximately 295 horsepower (220 kW system output). Even with just shy of 300 ponies, it still has a good bit of weight to haul around, and that likely explains the rather ho-hum 6.2-second 0-62 mph figure Volkswagen quoted in the reveal (down from 8.5 seconds in the base car).

Quicker? Certainly. Quick? For a 2007 GTI, sure, but for a modern electric car, that’s a stretch. For context, Tesla’s Model Y Dual Motor Long Range will crack that off in about 4 seconds flat. Knowing Volkswagen, the ID.4’s performance will likely be more consistent and repeatable, but if you need six drag races to “win,” have you, really?

The most noteworthy bits here are the interior and exterior styling embellishments, which are far livelier than we’re expecting to see on the U.S.-bound base car, including a fresh set of front and rear bumpers, X-shaped tail lights, a grey contrast roof finish, a pronounced roof spoiler, “X Blue” interior trim elements and (of course) some “GTX” badges. 

Volkswagen will sell a dual-motor ID.4 in these fine free states, but we’ve been told not to expect either the GTX nameplate or its unique styling cues to come along for the ride. That’s probably good news in some respects, as performance branding probably won’t do this particular model many favors in Tesla’s very-spoiled home market. 

The GTX is due to go on sale in Europe later this year. 

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