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Volkswagen has given us its best look yet at the upcoming T7 Multivan. It comes in the form of a design illustration ahead of the actual van’s upcoming release in June. The new cargo carrier nicely updates the long-standing box shape but throws in a few retro cues as well.

Since the fourth-generation T4, which shared its bones with the U.S. market’s Eurovan, the VW Multivan has had a sloped nose, but the impending T7’s has a more sharply raked front end than ever before. It’s so raked, in fact, that a small triangular window has been added between the A-pillar and side glass. It’s a cue reminiscent of the T1 through T3 vans’ vent windows, but in this case it won’t swing open. The profile gives the van a sportier look than before (if a van can be called sporty), punctuated by the roof’s trailing edge forming a hint of spoiler at the rear.

The two-tone brown-over-red paint hearkens back to the original Microbus, especially in the the color combo that was then called L73 Chestnut Brown over L53 Sealing Wax Red. That combination was offered from 1950 through 58 and remains one of the most recognizable.

A strong brightwork divider between the upper and lower halves connects with the outer edges of the headlights, creating a sort of downward turn at the nose that might be considered a callback to the original as well.

Volkswagen has also confirmed that the next Multivan will be built on the company’s MQB architecture. It’s platform has everything from the Audi A3 to the Mk7 Golf to the VW Atlas crossover. The modular architecture allows VW to widen and lengthen the footprint, which will allow the Multivan to seat seven and increase interior volume.

The full reveal will take place in June, but we now have a pretty good idea of what the final design will look like. We can’t wait to see what kind of rooftop pop-up tent it will accommodate.

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