Volkswagen Talagon debuts in China as VW’s largest SUV yet Leave a comment

There’s a new biggest Volkswagen SUV in the world. Yes, the Atlas is huge, but the new VW Talagon is bigger. U.S. buyers shouldn’t get too worked up about this reveal, though — the Talagon was just revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show in China, and VW hasn’t given any indication that it will be available for sale outside of Asia yet.

Despite it growing 4.5 inches in length over the Atlas, the Talagon is still based on VW’s MQB Evo platform. That makes it 202.8 inches in overall length, which would place it on the larger side of the three-row crossover spectrum. The Chevy Traverse and Jeep Grand Cherokee L still outpace it, but VW is getting close. There will be both six-seat and seven-seat configurations to take advantage of the size. 

VW says the exterior design is meant to be a fusion of SUV and MPV. The front has a tall, blocky shape to it, whereas the rear is softer with more minivan-like curved edges. The Talagon’s interior is where the party really begins, though. You’ll see that it’s sporting VW’s latest interior design language and tech. It has an intriguing floating element where the gear selector and other important controls are housed. We can see that it’s running the same, new infotainment system found on the ID.4, and it has a digital instrument cluster, too. Ambient lighting is taking center stage from the front to the back of the Talagon.

The second row’s captain’s chairs are even quilted and adorned with contrast-colored stitching. Pretty door panel designs grace the first and second rows. Truthfully, this may be one of the best Volkswagen interiors we’ve seen in a long time. It’s lightyears better than the unimaginative Atlas, and we’d love to see it in a car available in the U.S.

VW planted its 2.5-liter turbocharged VR6 under the hood of the top spec model, and hooked it up to the seven-speed DSG automatic and all-wheel drive. However, a standard 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder will also be available. Don’t read too much into the engine options, as they’re what VW sees fit for the Chinese market and wouldn’t necessarily be the powertrain options for a U.S.-bound Talagon. We’re not exactly yearning for another giant SUV in these parts, but we sure wouldn’t mind the Talagon’s interior in the Atlas.

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