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We like the different entry sensors’ styles, with the recessed and slim models offering more attractive (or hidden) options than typical door and window sensors.

Aside from the standard motion sensor, Abode sells a Multi Sensor that also monitors light levels, temperature, and humidity—making it a great way to expand the system’s smart home functionality.

The vibration glass break sensor is intriguing since most other brands rely on acoustic sensors to detect breaking glass. While the vibration sensor isn’t as useful for monitoring multiple windows, it’s a great addition to glass on or near doors, where an intruder might break a window for easy entry.

You can also buy a smoke alarm monitor that listens for the sounds of smoke detectors (it also works with carbon monoxide alarms). This handy sensor saves you from buying expensive, new smoke detectors that work with your Abode system.

Lastly, there’s a water leak detector to help you spot leaky pipes before they turn into a house-damaging deluge.

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