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The YI Dome Camera U is one of our favorite security cameras, thanks to its privacy mode, which allows you to hide the lens behind a physical privacy shutter. This is great for folks that want a little more control over what the camera sees and don’t plan to use the camera continually.

We also like that this pan-tilt camera can look around the room for movement—you don’t need to point it anywhere specific in this mode since it patrols for you. After spotting movement, the camera’s motion tracking follows the subject—like an unwelcome guest or seeing where your cat prowls during the night. Both of these features are common in pan-tilt cameras, like the Wyze Cam Pan.

Because this is a newer YI cam, it can also use AI smart detection to categorize videos with faces, people, pets, and sounds for easy review later. It offers clear 1080p resolution day and night, though it lacks the color night vision of Reolink and Wyze’s latest products.

Overall, the YI Dome Camera U is an affordable security camera that performs well and is a good alternative to the Wyze Cam Pan. But it’s unlikely to outshine the Reolink E1 Zoom, our favorite pan-tilt camera.

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