Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Machine Helps Baby Sleep Away From Home Leave a comment

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  • The Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Machine brings soothing white noise to wherever we go with our baby. 
  • It helps her go down for a nap when we take walks, run errands, or visit friends. 
  • I even used it during a power outage when our usual white noise machine was left powerless. 

Every baby is different, and it turns out that my baby likes white noise to go to sleep. My wife and I use the excellent Lectrofan white noise machine to help our baby sleep at home, but we didn’t have anything for walks or going outside in general to visit friends or run errands.  

We were mostly bound to the confines of our home, as she had difficulty going to sleep anywhere without white noise. We could only afford quick jaunts outside within our baby’s two-hour awake window before she needed to go down for another nap. 

For some reason, possibly sleep deprivation, I never thought about a portable white noise machine until it randomly occurred to me. We bought the Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Machine, and it’s been an integral part of our happiness ever since.

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